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EUROPEAN 13 Pin ​Contact allocation

Contact allocation

Contact No. Function
1 Left-hand direction indicator light
2 Rear fog light
3a Common return for confacts 1 and 2 and 4 to 8
4 Right-hand direction indicator light
5 Right-hand rear position light(s), right-hand marker lights, and rear registration plate illumination deviceb
6 Stop lights
7 Left-hand rear position light(s), left-hand marker lights, and rear registration plate illumination deviceb
8 Reversing light
9 Permanent power supply (+12V)
10 Power supply controlled by ignition switch (+12V)
11a Return for contact No.10
12 Reserved for future allocation
13a Return for contact No.9
NOTE The allocation of Pin 12 has been changed from "Coding for coupled trailer" to "Reserved for future allocation".
a The three return circuits shall not be connected electrically in the trailer.
b The rear registration plate illumination device shall be connected such that no lamp of the device has a common connection with both Contacts 5 and 7.

* From ISO 11446.

Suitable for all EUROPEAN 13 pin trailer plugs and sockets.


1. TP01A

european 13pin 12v trailer plug

2. TS01A

european 13pin 12v trailer socket

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